My Website design services DO NOT use pre-made "cookie cutter" templates that just get the logo and colors changed. I talk with every client and work with them to create a website that has the look, feel and functions they want.

Most of my clients choose to use the Joomla CMS system for the core of their website because it is a very versatile system that can be used for just about any kind of website and has a "back end" where they can make changes, add/edit content and have complete control of the site. And there are tons of documentation and tutorials that make it easy to learn how to use.

As far as E-Commerce sites I highly recommend Opencart because it is a very stable system and there are hundreds of free and paid "Mods" that increase the functionality available and they are easy to install. I have made MANY Opencart E-Commerce sites and most clients learn how to use the admin area to add categories and products/images and control the site within a week. And I am here to answer any questiond as needed.

Although I recommend the systems above I can set up a website with any program you choose including good old hand coded HTML.

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